BSCS - Business Support & Control System:

BSCS is end-to-end software package for telecommunication operators. It includes advanced functionalities for customer relationship management, network provisioning, partner management, rating of call detail records, billing...

BSCS Software as heart of convergent Billing and Customer care solution to Telecom Industry.

BSCS concerning of WEB oriented user interface. It represents fully convergent real-time rating platform, capable to support post-paid as well as pre-paid subscribers


DISE facilitates true convergence, allowing multiple network services and all chargeable events to appear on one account and one bill.

DISE contains a highly sophisticated billing and rating engine that can bill for multiple networks such as GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IP, WiFi, VoIP and additional services such as content, mobile advertising and mobile payments. The powerful rating engine within DISE has the flexibility to handle the increased event volumes associated with the deployment of next generation services, while it also reliably rates and bills for traditional voice/data services on GSM/PSTN networks.

DISE facilitates true convergence through its unique customer identifier. This enables multiple network services to appear on one account and supports multiple-service discounts and a single payment process. DISE billing functionality can consolidate all chargeable events into a single bill, including recurring charges, usage charges, onetime charges, and credits and adjustments






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